Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation for China


We can get that The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation had finished yesterday which was held by China on May 14-15, 2017 in Beijing, drawing 29 foreign heads of state and government and representatives from more than 130 countries and 70 international organizations. As China plating chemicals supplier, we know it is a good shot for us if we chase the chance for the foreign business in the plating chemicals area.

The core for the forum is our president wants to create a more open and efficient international cooperation platform under the system of globalization; a closer, stronger partnership network; and to push for a more just, reasonable and balanced international governance system. We can see that there are various foreign business between Chinese and Foreign people which can show the communication between different cultures. Under the forum of Belt and Roar Forum, we can get more benefits thought the total connection with each other. For example, some foreign businessman can wholesale zinc plating chemicals from us and we can get other products we need from them which is a perfect match for the economy as well as communication. The project is the clearest expression so far of Mr Xi’s determination to break with Deng Xiaoping’s dictum to “hide our capabilities and bide our time; never try to take the lead”.

The Belt and Road Forum (with its unfortunate acronym, BARF) is the second set-piece event this year at which Mr Xi will lay out China’s claim to global leadership. Under this situation, international business will get a full communication between different countries.

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