Features of CLZN-10 for KCL Zinc Plating Process


Identical to electro-galvanizing in principle, zinc plating, because of the electro-deposition process, is good for the clients when they get them from China plating chemicals supplier. Today I would like to share with you about the features of CLZN-10 for KCL Zinc Plating Process.

Generally speaking, zinc plating will apply on small parts such as fasteners, crank handles, springs and other hardware items rather than sheet metal. The zinc is used as an expendable electrode in a cyanide, alkaline non-cyanide, or acid chloride salt solution when we wholesale zinc plating chemicals. We should get the basic information about it. First, it is composed of ClZn-10A and ClZn-10B, the deposit is white bright, the gloss-finishing is fast. In addition, the bath has perfect ability of resisting iron impurities, suitable for both rack and barrel plating. What’s more, the deposit is fine and bright, easy for making passivity, such as color, blue-white and white. Finally, stable plating solution and low brightener consumption will attract customers.

Under this situation, we should know that high quality surfactant would be our main stream when we purchase product from online shopping store.

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